AL Bies magazine arises from the concern and effort to give visibility to the work of the students of EASD de Moda, the Higher Education in Fashion Design, at San Telmo School of Art in Málaga, Spain. It aims to serve as a platform for sharing what moves and concerns us and what we can contribute from our humble position in the world.

The expression al bies, which means “on bias” or “diagonal” comes from the French term biais, a type of seam cut that is made at 45 degres with respect to the thread. The publication’s name has a lot to do with our way of seeing and feeling fashion. A diagonal line loaded with visual strength and attraction, a line of tension that generates a break in the visual path, directing the eyes and attracting attention.

This magazine collects a representative sample of the work carried out by the students of the Superior Studies of Fashion Design. Images of the work of Ángel Campano, Laura Villalba, Jorge Fortes, Carla Mateos or Lara Perez among others. Interviews with Santiago Zambrana or Fátima Ropero (former students of the school) and different sections that show professional projects that must be shown, as well as a special section dedicated to ESAD de Matosinhos and lots, lots of fashion.

This publication full of editorial elements has a marked typographic character. The use of Zodiak and JetBrains Mono gives it personality, which together with the layout and composition make AL BIES an attractive publication for the public interested in studying at this school.

Photo by UVE MTZ

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