Albuquerque & Pacheco

by Vissotto Studio & Co.

"Deconstruct the obvious and rebuild concepts."

We have always been intrigued by architecture studio projects due to their artistic foundation and the creative freedom that design offers. When the studio Albuquerque & Pacheco approached us with the concept of incorporating the iconic lighthouse of Parnaíba - PI into their identity, we faced the challenge of transforming this symbol into something both functional and innovative.

In response to this challenge, we seamlessly integrated the compass and the lighthouse, crafting a symbol that embodies the necessary aesthetics for a disruptive, minimalist, and artistic identity. It's fascinating how design can lead to serendipitous discoveries. The initials A&P not only represent Albuquerque & Pacheco but also stand for Architecture & Landscaping—a perfect representation of the studio's ethos. We're proud to have created a signature that fully encapsulates their vision: A&P.

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