Almarena® Typeface

by Almarena

Almarena® Typeface – A model from the past reimagined for today’s visual landscape.

Almarena® is a family of modern sans serif fonts. It has 2 styles (Classic & Display), 6 font weights and many alternative characters.

Timeless and meticulously designed, Almarena® Typeface perfectly combines 3 aspects that seemed essential to us: modernity, readability and originality. It is with the desire and the need for a typography that resembles us that the vision of characters reflecting rigor and precision came to us. The assured “A” and the voluptuous “X”, Almarena® Typeface is solid and sensual at the same time.

Here, no serifs or additional frills, Almarena® Typeface proudly displays a slight variant, a touch of singularity that differentiates it from the classic Helvetica. Its ink traps naturally make it a strong font that stands out with its unique, thin hairlines. A complex simplicity, a thoughtful minimalism and a timeless multi-use that make it an aerial typography, freed from the subjective, with perfect optical harmony, which can write everything: as brief as it is irresistible. It is an air of typographic hegemony that floats above this sober, modest and light alphabet. Almarena® Typeface is neutral efficiency and discretion par excellence.

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