by Another Collective

AR2 is a construction company that arises from the need to fill a gap in the market, giving the customer a detailed monitoring of each project. The vision is born from years of experience in a stagnant market, where it’s urgent to communicate truth to the client, clarifying all phases and the process behind a construction project.

In this project, we strive for a modern approach, oriented towards a niche market that seeks special attention to detail and that values ​​exclusivity. Thus, inspiration arises from the artistic currents of the first half of the 20th century, using the past as a parallel to the work developed by AR2: modernity with inspiration in what was done in the past.

This dichotomy appears represented not only in the type, but also in the modern use of color, in contrast to the name and the brand, which takes us to another time. An aesthetic duality that we seek to highlight across the whole identity.

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