BDA Gestaltungshandbuch

by Lena-Marie Gribl

The new appearance for BDA Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten bundles the visual variety of sixteen regional associations. Since all of them have their own printed products, sizes, events or needs, the new CI works with three simple rules to achieve visual unity. First, every used format is splitted in a grid of six parts vertical and horizontal. Second, all typography, pictures and color areas are angled to this grid. Third, at most three colors are used at the same time.

The handbook explains playfully and conveys the new rules to the members of BDA. It was generated at Designbuero Josef Grillmeier Munich with Josef Grillmeier, Lucas Gebhardt-Seele, Maria Goppel and myself.

Publication with 114 pages, threadless binding 210 x 297mm, edition of 120 2021

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