Casa Llimona Hotel

by Atipus

With its architecture echoing Barcelona’s golden age and prime location, Casa Llimona has witnessed numerous stories – from unique residents to various institutions, and now it opens its doors to welcome guests.

When approaching the project, our focus was on seamlessly blending the old with the new, both in identity and interior design. With a deep respect for its history, we preserved elements that bridge tradition with modernity and contemporaneity.

From vintage snapshots to the art direction on photoshoots, each application reflects our dedication to preserving and showcasing Casa Llimona’s rich history. Whether through the logo itself, where traces of its past emerge, or through historical archival images, we strive to honour its heritage at every turn.

And in case you’re curious, each room is named after someone who once called this place home – these names are not mere labels but integral parts of its narrative, woven into the very fabric of its identity.

Photos: Enric Badrinas​​​​​​​

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