by Orchidea Agency

Crystal is a next-gen nail care brand concept, that combine futuristic & science-backed approach.

The global nail care products market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2023 to 2033, reaching an estimated $38.5 billion in revenue by 2033. Fueled by rising trends in nail care and art, along with a demand for personalized nail kits and products enriched with vitamins and minerals to enhance nail health, we decided to create a brand concept based on this upcoming trend.

We've developed a design project that blends the essence of beauty with the futuristic vision of an imaginative new world.

In the augmented reality of the future, physical colors or designs on nails become unnecessary, as you can select any style you desire in the digital realm. This evolution prioritizes nail health above aesthetic look. To align with this shift, we have developed an essential kit dedicated to nurturing healthy nails — a Growth Serum, Strength Polish, and Nourish Butter.

What we did.
Our project represents a fusion of beauty's essence with the futuristic vision of an imaginative new world. From initial conceptualization of the idea and packaging shape to the final stages of branding, modeling, and rendering visuals, we've executed a thorough branding journey.

Our branding features a signature diagonal line that unifies the design across bottle bottoms, paper packaging, and our logotype's angled construction. This intentional design choice ensures coherence and harmony within our visual identity, blending creativity with structural consistency.

Integrating the core idea across all elements, from design to visuals, highlights the significance of impact of holistic branding approach.
Created Concept Idea & Naming.
Designed Packaging Shape & Branding.
Developed 3D Models & Visualization.

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