D&K Origins

by The Office of Ordinary Things

Words from The Office of Ordinary Things:

A family-owned and -operated print shop, D&K tasked us with creating a piece that showcases the scope, quality, and ambition of their craft, while also educating their customers about sustainable printing basics. They gave us free rein to design a print promo that exemplifies this in both form and content.

The promo comes alive in the ways it asks readers to participate and engage through sliding, tearing, flipping, ripping, unpacking. Zip strip letters spelling the client’s initials demonstrate the delight that can occur when print is combined with playful design.

The book is a foundational resource for designers’ understanding of process and print production techniques, with a focus on print’s core tenets: ink and paper. We carried out the research and content development for the entire piece, with the goal of maximizing sustainability as well as D&K’s in-house production capabilities. This is demonstrated twofold: first, in the actual content which educates readers on sustainable printing, and second, in the design application and print production. The final piece includes a booklet, a sheet of bookmarks, and a pocket notebook, all held inside an interactive outer sleeve.

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