Dd Magazine 0 & Dd Yearbook '20

by Studio de Ronners

The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the principal representative of the design sector in The Netherlands and unites designers of all shapes and sizes: from independent designers to design agencies, along with thousands of creative professionals. As part of the new visual identity we developed for BNO, we design the Dd Magazine and Dd Yearbook each year to put Dutch design in the spotlight.

In the Dd Magazine, we focus on design and essays surrounding the theme, whereas the Yearbook covers everything that’s happened in Dutch design that year: from award winners to upcoming talent and student work. Each edition, we ask a different designer for the cover.

Starting with Dd Magazine 0 and the Dd Yearbook ’20. The theme? Reset. A clean slate, a new design and a new typeface for a new series of magazines and yearbooks. The crumpled up ball of paper on the cover of the Yearbook ’20 symbolizes this fresh start. To emphasize Dutch design community, we chose a Dutch typeface and an orange background.

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