Genuíno Films

by Céu Design

Genuíno Films is a high-impact audiovisual production company known for its creative, technical, and cultural prowess. Their multidisciplinary output spans from documentaries to music videos, feature films, and commercials. Their productions blend visuals, soundtracks, and voices into unique, astonishing, sensitive, and expressive films capable of immortalizing memorable stories. The visual identity was crafted to convey flexibility and transformation, mirroring the company's new professional phase. The new symbol, composed of three rectangular blocks, connects with its history and provides an authentic perspective on various subjects, expanding into a flexible grid system across all graphic materials.

Customer Relations: Glauber Vilvert.
Creative Direction: Vítor Scarpato.
Design: Alexandre Ruda, Vítor Scarpato.
Strategy: Giovana Bordin.
Motion Design: Thales Muniz

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