by Shuka

Halsa offers a subscription service delivering personalized vitamin sets. Using an AI algorithm, it analyzes users' online test results to customize nutrient combinations, and sends a monthly vitamin pack.

The rebranding aimed to integrate Halsa more clearly into the E-commerce 2.0 space. This involved creating a unified digital and physical design language, emphasizing Halsa's role in promoting self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

The brand's design features a two-part graphic composition and modular box packaging with shiny surfaces and abstract illustrations. These elements represent the "Health Constructor" concept, highlighting Halsa's expertise and unique approach.

The packaging's modular design, consisting of two cubes, encourages regular vitamin use. Users can conveniently place one cube at home and another at work, or in different rooms, making it easier to follow their vitamin regimen. The use of functional typography and a distinct green color in the packaging also reinforces Halsa's identity as a trustworthy health brand.

Collaborative illustrations with artists Stepan Lipatov, Rodion Kitaev, and Alisa Gvozdeva add a narrative element, depicting the journey towards wellness either symbolically or through abstract art. These visuals complement the logo's smooth lines, and their fluidity, enhanced by emerald foil, adds to the brand's appeal, suggesting vitality and adaptability.

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