Jakob Schreiter

by Luca Zoccola

Jakob Schreiter is a contemporary artist from Halle and Leipzig.

His artistic practice explores the ways history is narrated in various pictorial forms and their claims of representation, power, permanence, and finitude that are negotiated within them.

The works move between photographic essays and installations and are usually on the edge between a desire for adequate images and a deep mistrust of images and their perceived representation.

His practice also entails commissioned works, mostly for contemporary glass installations in architectural contexts.

In 2022 I designed and coded his new portfolio. We discussed how often it happens that galleries and customers request to see artists' works via PDF presentations.

When we started working on the site, we decided to make it with a single reference webpage where you can find all the artist's projects. Each project is then presented with a PDF document that is navigable online thanks to a PDF reader tailor-made for Jakob but is also easily downloadable and readable by the user. Every visit to the site rearranges the projects offering a different hiarchy between them

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