Link TV

by Bold Scandinavia

In a world of increasing skepticism of mainstream information sources, the need for independent, credible media has become critical. Originally launched in 2000, Link TV is a public, non-commercial TV channel based in Los Angeles providing inspirational and insightful programming to facilitate conversation and engagement to the global community. Link TV presents diverse perspectives on critical global topics often underrepresented in conventional and compromised U.S. media.

Our brief was to re-vitalize the Link TV identity and make it more prominent, more engaging for their audience and more relevant to the kind of meaningful global discussion they facilitate.

The name Link was to difficult too visually ignore and the new symbol is a link of two parts. With it’s missing corner, the ‘L’ is not complete and captures what Link TV aims to do; fill in the gaps of knowledge to give Americans the full picture. The colors are restrictive and vibrant to better define Link TV as an alternative to the mainstream media. The principle behind all motion is to mask and reveal. The symbol is masked and content is allowed to juxtapose in provocative ways to challenge and spark discussion. Wipe transitions give a smooth feel to broadcast text and are used to reveal and uncover new content and new perspectives.

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