On Earth Momentarily, or OEM for short, is a new drugstore. From deliberate formulas to soft and soothing designs, OEM is about more than just ameliorating aches—it's about creating a new version of healthcare that acknowledges how feeling cared for is an essential and often overlooked part of health.

We partnered with the OEM team to help design what the next step towards a future drugstore looks like. We directed our attention towards their website, and focused on creating an experience that opens users up to multiple ways of experiencing care. While the primary function of the site was geared towards commerce, we entered the partnership with a shared understanding that care transcends simply buying a product. It’s community, it’s vulnerability, it’s layered and textured, and can come in many shapes or sounds. So we designed the site to be able to house those various verticals of care, setting space aside for random journal entries from the OEM team, updates on community events like dinners or sound baths, or the occasional playlist curated for specific moments in time. These elements come together to inform the personality behind the brand, which can only be summed up as intentional.

While many brands want to be perceived as such, the experience the OEM team has worked to define shows that intentionality is defined by detailed effort. While such a level of storytelling takes time, space, and resources to create, the team is living up to the claim of a new drugstore.

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