Philosophy Orientation Chocolate

by Hesign

Driving desire with a new perspective on dark chocolate. The food industry has always used photos of food or ingredients to react content. A clean, modern and timeless design that challenges the norms of traditional chocolate brands. break the convention of old pictures to express the taste and interpret the new generation of chocolate design with modern methods.

PHILOSOPHY ORIENTATION is a product with a strong correlation between the brand name and the product. Dark chocolate has a bitter taste because of its high-purity cocoa content, but has a rich flavor hierarchy. Philosophy is the most precious spiritual pursuit derived from ancient Greece and is one of the most authentic cultures of humanity. It’s bitter and boring but full of the aftertaste is exactly the same as the brand mission of PHILOSOPHY ORIENTATION chocolate, pursuing natural ingredients and being loyal to it. Original taste, a little bitter, but sweet again. Excessive packaging has a negative impact on the environment, our packaging is all made of recycled paper, 100% without any plastic.

By changing the thickness of the arrows to distinguish different cocoa concentrations, A typographic list; black on grey; bold, transparent, informative, and direct. Design pared back to only what was essential; as clean as it could be. And it also implies the life on the road of philosophy, removing the sugar coating, returning to the true taste of adulthood, seeking the truth and searching hard on the journey of life.

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