Rotate — A brand new spin on cyber security


A LINE partners with the revolutionary new business security platform “Rotate” (formerly Armoz) to put a brand new spin on cybersecurity.

An all-around better way to secure your business. Rotate (formerly Armoz) is a new cyber security platform aiming to protect and insure small to medium-sized businesses.

With a fresh, modern approach to cyber security, Rotate is shaping the future of work by creating an all-around better way to secure your business.

A new category of cyber security. Traditionally, cyber security solutions have focused on the enterprise. However, with millions of attacks on small businesses annually, and nearly 90% of owners feeling vulnerable to cyber attacks, there was a clear opportunity to create a solution for businesses of all sizes.

With a world-class team of cybersecurity experts, and backing from investors including Treasury, UpWest,, and Torch Capital, Rotate set out to create a new category of business protection where cybersecurity and insurance work hand in hand.

Evolving the brand Having developed the product, the Rotate team worked with Israeli-based brand consultancy SIDE ST to establish a strong, actionable positioning and GTM strategy. Leveraging SIDE ST's early-stage startup expertise, we partnered throughout the process to conceptualize Rotate's vision and turn it into a bold, differentiated brand that supports business goals and resonates with the market.

With a focus on US growth, it was clear Rotate needed a brand that would appeal to SMBs and SMEs in North America. With most cyber businesses feeling technical, and leading with fear, the goal was an approachable B2B2C brand that connected with key audiences through approachability, reliability, and trust.

The strategy: Securing the future of work A thorough immersion phase led us to several key strategic insights that would define our brand strategy, and ultimately the goal of positioning Rotate as the go-to security solution for SMBs and SMEs in the digital world.

Work Assured. Working sessions with the team led to the brand idea of “Work Assured”, a notion that captures that in an increasingly digital world, where businesses live or die online, customers want simple, effective cybersecurity that revolves around the way they do business.

Naming With research showing that the original name Armoz wasn’t resonating with customers, we began a naming process that led us to “Rotate”.

Building on the brand idea of “an all-around better way to secure your business”, Rotate felt straightforward, assured, and approachable, while also conveying the idea of 360-degree protection, 365 days a year.

Identity: Secure from every angle With the name “Rotate” secured, we explored what 360-degree protection might look like - circling, orbiting, and considering security from all angles. Aware that this idea might feel unsettling, it was front of mind to ensure the design felt human and approachable.

Explorations led to a rounded, almost friendly “r” symbol that was built from the outset with motion in mind. The distinct compositional shapes also extended into a distinct graphic language that could be used as framing devices throughout the identity system.

To create balance, we paired the symbol with an established, intelligent-feeling logotype that is forward-looking yet trustworthy. The black and white color palette incorporates a Teal Blue to instill a sense of safety and reliability, complemented by a vibrant orange that creates energy and draws attention to system elements.

Typefaces Denton and MatterSQ embody intelligence and approachability, serving as powerful tools for communicating complex information and delivering impactful statements with clarity.

The simple graphic language system is informed by the symbol, utilizing rounded, dimensional shapes that rotate to infuse movement and energy.

Experience To introduce Rotate to the market, we created a simple launch website experience focused on giving an overview of the new platform, telling the core story, and introducing the new brand. The site was seamlessly designed through UX and UI as a functional mock-up in Figma, then built out in Webflow.

What’s next With the launch of Rotate into the US market, we’re excited to see how the new brand will support customer acquisition, strategic partnerships, and additional fundraising.

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