S2 Magazine

by Tino Nyman

S2 is an online platform dedicated to fashion, art, and culture, created and documented by and of ethnic and sexual minorities in Finland.

The platform wants to challenge, question, and expand the restrictive ideals of Nordic beauty and aesthetics by exploring and redefining themes of representation, culture, and identity through visual stories, alternative styles, and collaborations. S2 is a safe space to celebrate diverse voices and experiences and to show what Finnish youth culture looks and feels today.

The term “S2” carries a dual meaning. On one hand, the term “S2” represents those for whom Finnish is a second language. Referring to Finnish as a second language, children with immigrant backgrounds are often racialised by being placed in S2 classes, even when born in Finland. S2 magazine reclaims the name, adopting a term that often causes experiences of otherness in the education system, for the use of marginalized individuals themselves, which digital media represents as natural part of Finnish culture.

On the other hand, in the realm of internet slang, “S2” resonates as a symbol of the heart, reflecting the passion and emotion we infuse into our creative endeavors.

In the spirit of embracing our dual interpretation of “S2,” we sought to extend our creative reach beyond the digital realm into the tangible world. Inspired by the tradition of oval country code stickers adorning car bumpers, we envisioned a twist to showcase the essence of S2.

Visual Identity & Web Design: Tino Nyman & Marina Veziko
S2 team: Claudia Cifu / Sara Urbański / Yilin Ma
Web development: Oskar Koli
Case study images: Sara Urbański
Imagery: Sara Urbański / Aleksandra Lemke / Claudia Cifu / Ildar Wafin / Marie-Grace Irakunda /Ansku Heiskanen / Jennifer Appleton / Meron Laine / Rewina Teklai / Tiro / Landys Roimola

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