Southern Guild

by DashDigital Studio

An art Gallery with a focus on Africa’s rich tradition of utilitarian and ritualistic art, Southern Guild’s programme furthers the continent’s contribution to global art movements.

The site enables easier navigation and a more immersive showcase of our exhibitions and artists’ work. Southern Guild’s new website spotlights their artists’ practices with in-depth profiles, a curated selection of work, and content-rich media including films. Current and upcoming exhibitions and fairs are foregrounded, alongside a comprehensive archive of previous exhibitions. News pages have been expanded to include long-form essays, artist news and important announcements.

The visual language of the website is clean, while having subtle transitions and animations that work well for Southern Guild’s varying audience. To accompany the technical emphasis of the website is to make the experience feel fast, clean and responsive.

The website is built upon a modular component system with components having their respective pagination api calls where needed. Besides the great performance metrics, the website has excellent details from subtle, clean animations to an intuitive search system. Searching is not limited to just the content but also functions as a service. For example, searching for “past exhibitions” or “current fairs” gives just that what you are searching for (so it doesn’t not only search for matches on pages and documents).

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