by Twoo®

The essence of travel lies in experiencing the world from a fresh perspective. Collaborating closely with Tango Trips founders, Twoo® embraced a holistic approach to crafting the brand, website, and product. This resulted in a cohesive and distinct brand identity that captures the very spirit of wanderlust.

Each detail was meticulously curated, from font selection to color palette, to ensure that the visual identity not only boasts aesthetics but also effectively communicates the company's values and distinctive approach to travel. The outcome is a brand system that evokes a sense of adventure and curiosity, inspiring travelers to explore the world with open minds and receptive hearts.

Employing a fearless fusion of typography and the spinning globe as a symbol, the new visual system strives to encapsulate the adventurous ethos of travelers. Furthermore, the integration of foreign alphabets as visual representations aims to showcase the rich tapestry of cultures that voyagers encounter on their journeys, imbuing the brand with a unique and daring flair.

These representations not only infuse the design with visual allure but also serve as a reminder that travel encompasses more than just visiting new places—it's about immersing oneself in diverse cultures and ways of life.


Brand Strategy. Taylor Bux, Gabriela González Bux.

Brand Identity & Web Design. Twoo: Carlos Kun, Danilo Campos

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