Tsu Lange Yor

by Christopher Doyle & Co

In 2022, Australian singer and actor Troye Sivan began work on the development of his own product and fragrance line, Tsu Lange Yor. A spirited celebration of self and sanctuary, we were engaged to develop the brand identity, art direction, motion, packaging, and digital design for the brand.

We designed and managed the development of a custom e-commerce site. Delivering an intuitive and media-rich browsing experience, the result is an immersive digital space that encourages the viewer to explore the product range as well as a gallery of images and brand collages.


Creative direction by Troye Sivan. Project lead Steele Mellet. Brand identity, art direction, motion, packaging, and digital design by Christopher Doyle and Co. Photography by Joe Brennan, Lauren Bamford, and Joel Adler. Video production by Byron Spencer. Product design by Joel Adler. Tone of voice and copywriting by Cat Wall. Digital development by Bone Digital. Packaging production and management by Contain. Pool type illustration by Braulio Amado..

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