Urban Soul Project

by AG Design

There are many ways to tell a story. Can you follow them all at once?

Each of Urban Soul Project projects hides hundreds of hours of discussions, notes, changes, research, tests, sketches and plans, hours of tension and excitement, hours on the road visiting construction sites, music lists and on-the-go-food. All this is – for Urban Soul Project – the true soul of the project. So they couldn’t talk about the thirteen years of their office without presenting this invaluable piece as well.

This book can be read in many ways: The architects’ works and their soul, the office and its people, in a parallel or complementary relationship.

The publication consists of two parts, bound in a hard cloth cover.

The upper part acts like an album that presents the team’s special forces. We asked 100+ people their most vivid memory from their days at the office, what song do they listen while working, which phrase do they say most, their favourite colour, quote, architect and so on. Getting to know the team is really enjoyable!

The lower part presents the most important projects of the company, photographed by great photographers, transforming the edition into a well curated coffee table book.

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