Ventura Foreman

by Studio Blackburn

Studio Blackburn has rebranded design and manufacturing studio Ventura Foreman creating an identity which communicates the very fabric of their brand.

The brief gave us a lot of creative freedom but determined that we keep one crucial thing in mind, to create the perception that the brand is ‘clean, simple and familiar but that something is not quite right.’

This feeling of ‘a little bit wrong’ was applied to everything, from the typographic system for the logo to the way we attach a label. It even aided us with the choice of typeface, ABC Marfa Medium, designed by Dinamo® which was created as a sturdy, utilitarian typeface designed for a high-speed era with no time to lose, and has subtle quirks that felt wrong—but so right—for Ventura Foreman.

Unconventionally the brand identity doesn’t really have a colour palette, it uses paper stocks and colours chosen to pair with the clothes and based on the range of fabrics available. Hits of colour have been added as and when needed for print collateral, postage labels and other branded assets.

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