by Sonia Castillo Studio

Woodyman is a new company founded by two friends who believe in the Spanish quality industry and the family network as the basis of the business. Specializing in the development of custom-made products and furniture that last over time, they handcraft in Spain and create useful, beautiful and unique solutions. Aimed at a demanding customer profile, they are committed to developing products that move within the framework of utility and beauty, trying to go beyond the obvious. All products stand out for being within the framework of functionality, beauty and simplicity.

WM came to us to develop a new visual identity that would capture the quality of their work and allow them to position their company as a trusted leader in their industry. The goal was to create a simple, elegant and memorable brand, reminiscent of the great furniture brands of the past, conveying the values of conveying the values of craft, sustainability and quality. We built the identity around a personalized symbol inspired by the organic shapes of wood, in addition to the dynamic lines of WM's products and furniture. The identity is supported by a neutral and soft palette of ochers, handmade illustrations of each of its products and natural wood textures, bringing a sense of proximity and warmth to the brand. A distinctive, timeless and recognizable brand.

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