Zeitgeist Coffee Factory Flavor Museum

by Hesign

Zeitgeist is an independent coffee bean manufacturer. They insist on pure coffee aesthetics and hope that products, sales methods, packaging design, etc. Are all for the sake of drinking excellent coffee. Therefore, they adopted a vertical sales concept and directly packaged and mailed coffee beans from the place of origin to consumers’ homes through online sales. Since the flavor of coffee beans is inversely related to shelf life, the Zeitgeist has shortened the time it takes coffee beans to get to consumers from every angle, and they hope to achieve this in packaging.

Since the demand for quick identification, we abandoned the conventional design thinking and implemented the major design of the secondary packaging. It allows consumers to quickly identify Zeitgeist products in numerous packages, while also locking in their choice of coffee bean flavors based on unusual colors. Warm orange and rounded petal-like shapes are floral notes; cool tones and neat geometric shapes represent nutty chocolate flavors; lightly roasted coffee beans are usually richer in flavor, and a graphic like a mass of fibers is used to express its layers and flavors. Taste. Under the premise of being fast and clear as the design goal, it conveys the concept of the spirit of the times simply for excellent coffee. The unique visual features achieve the purpose of “fast”, and the graphic design and the typesetting of the text allow consumers to further understand the products in their hands.

As for the problem of express waste that must face selling products online, we cleverly process the waste coffee bean residues as carton materials. If consumers accumulate the waste residues of Zeitgeist coffee beans to a certain amount and send them back to the factory, they will get a free copy The coffee beans are given to consumers, and these waste residues will be used in new coffee bean packaging. Such a carton has an anti-collision and buffer effect, and is easy to disassemble, simplifying the recycling process, allowing consumers to do their part for the earth and form resource recycling.

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