Big Daily Short

by Production Type

Big Daily is inspired by daily newspaper typefaces — not ubiquitous headline display fonts, but the small copy. At its best in small point sizes from 6pt - 12pt, its contrast is both significant and sturdy, avoiding the clunky, zoomed-in nature of many fonts designed for this size. There is a breezy movement to its italics that make it feel organic on a screen, and places where you can see the ink swell onto its surface… even when the ‘ink’ is pixels and the surface is, well, pixels.

Alaric Garnier’s design translates between classic terms of journalism and the near-future: a mostly-digital world. The lexicon of news, writing, editorial, and facts comes to a head with the digital globalization dystopia — AI, Transhumanism, automation. Big Daily provides the tactile nature we’re used to in print that is a rare achievement on screen.


Alaric Garnier



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