Everett emerged during Nolan Paparelli’s studies at ECAL/University of Art & Design Lausanne, resulted as his diploma work and since then ever evolved. Initially inspired by the work of the american photographer Daniel Everett, it quickly began to become more personal and resulted in his own take on the grotesque genre. The font’s symmetrical structure is balanced with an organic drawing and a particular digital flavor. Strong typographic details add a high tension while keeping a reading comfort, finding the right balance between a font that is graphic yet fluid. Low ascenders and descenders allow designers to set texts with tight line spacing, resulting in economizing space. The fonts are fully equipped with various stylistic sets, ligatures and case-sensitive forms among other features. The weights variation from Hairline to Super with corresponding Italics form a coherent and versatile family offering various design solutions from book design to poster design, from branding to signage systems and much more.




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