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Kormelink is a delicate titling Roman serif which pays homage to a smorgasbord of historical origins. Its underlying Roman architecture is a nod to Victor Lardent's renowned 1931 typeface 'Times New Roman' whilst its inherent grandeur is a hark back to the opulence of the Renaissance and Baroque.

It features a humanist axis with a light, highly modulated stoke, short ascenders and a tall x-height. Its serifs are ornate, sharp and crisp evoking a Neoclassical finish along with its delicate droplet terminals and small aperture. Kormelink is equipped with text and titling figures, primary and discretionary ligatures, and an extended range of pan-European Latin character set.

To partner the Roman, Kormelink offers a graceful italic which draws further from the high modulation of the Renaissance form. It sits at an angle of 15° and includes and a flamboyant range of OpenType ligatures and swash capitals. Please check the Character Table below for a comprehensive overview of Kormelink's glyph set.

The name ‘Kormelink’ is in tribute to my grandfather Jan Kormelink (1929–2019). He was an incredibly skilled clockmaker and jeweller who strived for precision and elegance within his craft. He owned the established ’Kormelink’ shop which stood in the town centre of Oldenzaal (NL) since the 1800's. His ethic is and attention to detail is something I hope to have implemented within this typeface.



Jacob Wise



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