LL Bradford Mono

by Lineto

LL Bradford is an all-purpose serif font family conceived as a versatile tool for high-volume text setting. It was developed and elaborated on over the course of ten years. The primary historical reference point was provided by Römische Antiqua (1884). This widely popular design of German origin rapidly birthed numerous imitations from foundries across Europe and the US. It also served as a key inspiration for Pierpont’s hugely successful Plantin (1913) and Stanley Morrison’s timeless Times New Roman (1931). One of Laurenz Brunner’s primary goals for this digital version was to preserve the physical presence and distinctive character of hot metal type. By continuously adapting and refining the design, he gradually extended the font to a broad range of 14 cuts. LL Bradford Mono is the single-cut monospace companion to the family.



Laurenz Brunner



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