LL Circular

by Lineto

LL Circular is a geometric sans-serif font family in eight weights. It is Laurenz Brunner’s second official release after the critically acclaimed, immensely popular LL Akkurat.

LL Circular offers a fresh take on the genre of the geometric grotesk. This typographic current was prevalent in pre-war Germany, exemplified by Jakob Erbar’s Erbar Grotesk (1926–29), Paul Renner’s Futura (1927–28), Rudolf Koch's Kabel (1927–29) and Wilhelm Pischner’s Neuzeit Grotesk (1928–29). It later found prominent re-visitations in the 1970s with Herb Lubalin’s Avant Garde and in the 1980s with Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir.

First begun in 2008, LL Circular’s design evolved from a purely geometric approach to a more complex formal conception by the time of its 2013 release. The result is a geometric sans serif that marries purity with warmth and strikes a balance between functionality, conceptual rigour, skilled workmanship and measured idiosyncrasy. With both unmistakeable character and near-universal appeal, this friendly font proved popular in editorial, advertising or branding contexts. It lends itself beautifully for use in headlines or for body copy. Versions of the LL Circular family for Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese and Devanagari scripts are available on request.



Laurenz Brunner



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