by Studio René Bieder

Magnat is a contrasting sans drawing inspiration from designs from the early twenties century and expands them into an elegant and distinctive contemporary design. Playful elements such as the curvy ear on the lowercase g or the long tail on the uppercase Q break the strictness and add character. The combination of closed apertures with the contrasting strokes create an elegant and distinctive overall appearance. The Magnat family is available in 36 weights including matching italics, divided into 3 subfamilies: Poster, Head and Text. Each has been designed for its individual range of text sizes. The Poster and Head styles with their tight spacing and luxurious shapes are made for impactful headlines and short paragraphs, whereas the text weights are either a great addition for small text sizes or, when set in large sizes, perfectly work as a robust standalone font with a lot of character. Each font style is equipped with many opentype features such as alternate characters, different number sets or case sensitive shapes making it a perfect choice for professional type setting in branding, editorial or digital design.


René Bieder



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