Monument Grotesk

by Dinamo

ABC Monument Grotesk owes its point de départ to a few intriguing contours that the Swiss design studio Kasper-Florio stumbled across in an online scan of the foundry Palmer & Rey’s 1884 New Specimen Book. Compelled by the letterforms’ compact skeleton, high vertical contrast, and surprisingly sharp end strokes, Kasper-Florio digitized and reinterpreted the typeface for contemporary use. Ever since, the design has served as the studio’s house typeface, and it’s been available to the public via Dinamo since 2018.

Featuring honest, unrefined, and idiosyncratic shapes, ABC Monument Grotesk is a distinctively confident font with a raw and pleasingly unpolished feel. It’s available in seven different weights, including Italic, Mono, and Semi-Mono cuts, as well as Heavy and Black with corresponding Italics.






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