Suisse Works

by Swiss Typefaces

Suisse Works was developed as a serviceable text serif for the 21st century. It’s characterized by wide capitals, a very large x-height, and open apertures, guaranteeing superb readability both in print and on screen. The sturdy build provides for an even texture. Thanks to the efficient spacing, it’s a smart choice for longer texts, in newspapers, magazines, and beyond. At the same time, Suisse Works is elegant, too: Especially the italic and bold styles introduce an expressiveness that may serve for catchy titles and headings. With its tapered serifs and the pronounced contrast along a diagonal stress axis, Suisse Works stands squarely in the tradition of classic reading faces. It’s more sophisticated than the transitional serif typefaces of former times, though, with smoother, consistent details and balanced proportions across all styles.

Suisse Works’ forward-looking attitude is exemplified by the absence of upward-pointing serifs in C, G, S, or the a’s terminal that doesn’t carry a ball but instead is horizontally cut – a feature it has in common with Suisse Int’l and Neue. The collection includes 8 styles. The Book weight sits between the Regular and the Medium, and is only a notch heavier than the former. It can be used in situations where the Regular is just too light – think of glossy paper, negative text, or smaller sizes on screen. Suisse Works has lining figures by default. Ranging oldstyle figures which blend in better with the lowercase can be activated via OpenType features.


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