TWK Lausanne


Lausanne is an extraordinarily sophisticated sans serif font with an ultra-organic aesthetic, very legible in small sizes and full of refined details in display sizes.

First of all, it was designed with the intention of responding to the historical sans-serif like Helvetica. Lausanne brings to this intention the particularities of digital typography. Such as, for example, the duality and versatility of a “Text” character and a “Display” character. In addition, the ascending and descending lines are very short and give a compact appearance to this character.

To date, the Lausanne has been a great success around the world. It has been used by many designers for (among others); MoMA (USA), mono GmbH (Germany), Naomi Osaka, Dan Carter, Landesmuseum Zürich, Museo Tamayo, Liste Art Fair Basel or Universal Music.



Nizar Kazan



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