Established in Geneva, Switzerland, Optimo is a type foundry that designs and publishes premium typefaces, which are engineered to the highest standards and offer graphic designers and type-users long-lasting tools with a distinctive identity.

With the aim of releasing their own fonts, Gilles Gavillet, Stéphane Delgado, and David Rust founded Optimo in 1998. First initiated as a student project at the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), Optimo has become an independent library of contemporary classics, drawn by influential designers.

Investigating typographic paradigms from different eras, our catalogue demonstrates a commitment to revisiting type history with a contemporary perspective. With an equal interest in the newest positions in today’s scene, we also propose innovative and experimental typefaces. We aim to create typefaces that will have a lasting impression on our culture.

In addition to our retail library, we offer custom fonts, bespoke versions of our typefaces, and language extensions for clients who need tailor-made designs. With an international mindset, we have begun expanding the supported languages of our typefaces. For the moment, some of our typefaces offer Cyrillic and Greek language supports, in addition to the basic Latin character set.




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