Neubau Berlin

Neubau Berlin


Neubautonomy in Type & Design. Design for Designers, Enterprises & Aficionados.

Formed by Berlin based designer Stefan Gandl in late 2001 the independent design studio went on to release two bestselling books ‘Neubau Welt’ (2005) and ‘Neubau Modul’ (2007). In 2008 Neubau’s work was exhibited in the ‘Neubauism’ exhibition at MU (Eindhoven/The Netherlands), a perspicacious, kinetic journey through the world of Neubau opened by Wim Crouwel. Neubau’s latest studio book ‘Neubau Forst Catalogue’ (Urban Tree Collection for the Modern Architect & Designer) published by world renown Lars Müller Publishers celebrated its world premiere at Storefront for Art & Architecture New York in October 2014. Neubauladen — Industrial Multiples since 2001 Neubauladen is Neubau’s own exclusive retail channel for original Neubau products like typefaces, (ltd. edition) prints, books etc.



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