Nomen Nescio

by Neubau Berlin

Visual Identity for Helsinki based fashion design brand Nomen Nescio conceived and designed by Stefan Gandl in close collaboration with Erno Forsström and Timo Leskelä of Nomen Nescio, Helsinki. Nomen Nescio was founded by the design couple Niina and Timo Leskelä in 2012 with the aim to create timeless, thoughtful and long-lasting design. The company’s name, the latin term “nomen nescio” and its acronym “N.N.”, stands for “name unknown”.

The developed visual identity touches everything from clothing labels to storefront logo, business cards to posters, print to web design, static and motion design. Logo, logotype and care icon system conceived and designed by Stefan Gandl as integral element of the developed corporate typeset Nomen Nescio Pro Regular, a custom version of NB Akademie Pro.

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