Helgeland Museum

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Helgeland Museum is a regional museum located in the southern part of Nordland, Norway. The museum manages and preserves natural and cultural collections and buildings, including Sami heritage. The museum also communicates and educates about natural and cultural heritage, history and current issues through its exhibitions and events, in its own venues and other locations.Helgeland Museum was in need of a fresh and modern visual identity that would both honor their rich history and cultural heritage and appeal to a modern audience.

Working closely with the museum, we crafted a flexible branding system that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. The new identity is anchored by the redesigned version of the ancient rock carving “Skiløperen” from Tro in Nordland. This powerful symbol represents the museum’s mission to bring the past to life and connect it with the present and future.

The visual identity seamlessly combines the shapes and lines of the carving with a clean and minimalist design, capturing the museum’s unique blend of nature and culture. The system also allows for multiple departments and collections within the museum to be represented in a cohesive way. By making the content the hero and positioning the museum as a modern and dynamic sender, we were able to achieve the museum’s goal of modernizing their brand and communication.

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