Kanstantsin Remez Selected Works

by Comence

This book presents selected projects of Kanstantsin Remez. He works as an independent architect and an interior designer. Kanstantsin sees architecture as a language, paying attention to every detail, expressing himself through the means of shape, proportions, and textures, and building relations between them. These components may obtain their own vibration, turning architecture into poetry.

Kanstantsin has own signature style which he develops through the works. One of the features is a building of relations between surfaces or walls with little shifting or extruding. We transformed this feature to the key design solution adding the double-layer paper element to the book cover. Also, we tried to communicate the tactile character of the architecture materials using the Ibizenca Sand paper (from Arjowiggins) for the book cover. This paper has a rough texture of fine sand and feels like concrete.

Additionally, we reflected the variety of author works through the book cover options. The logo is always placed in the top right corner, and the double-layer paper element has different proportions and is located in one of the remaining corners of the cover with equal margins. This creates variations of book covers arranged in a strict system.

Book author: Kanstantsin Remez, Creative direction: Pavel Emelyanov, Book design: Comence design studio, Editor: Anna Beliaeva, Print production management: de20.press, Photography, video: Daniil Zherdev.

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