TT Fors Font & Specimen

by Comence

TT Fors is a modern geometric sans serif font, jointly created by Comence and TypeType Foundry. The main inspiration was the study of geometric grotesques of the early to mid-20th century (Futura, Neuzeit Grotesk, Avantgarde Gothic, Twentieth, Century, etc.). Font design is based on standard geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle) with a contrast in letters width.

Font. In total, TT Fors family consists of 32 fonts: 9 weights and 9 italic styles in the Basic subfamily, 6 weights and 6 italic styles in the Display subfamily, and 2 variable fonts for both subfamilies. With a more than 1000 glyphs per style, TT Fors covers 180+ world languages including most of Cyrillic.

Specimen. Graphite tactile paper, silver foil, and laser engraving forms are bound together to reflect the initial idea of TT Fors font: basic geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle) for specimen cover, and font description fitted in the shape of capital letter ‘F’ (first letter of font name) for slipcase cover.

Print production. For specimen book we used lay flat cold glue binding for having printed graphic across a double page spread with zero gutter. The Kiss Anthrazit (Lake Paper) with nutshell texture was chosen for covers. It works great both with laser engraving and hot foil stamping. Specimen is printed in a limited edition.

Specimen: Size: 180 x 220 x 12mm, Copies: limited edition, Pages: 56 pages, Paper: The Kiss Anthrazit (Lake Paper) (300 gms), Munken Kristall (300 gsm).

Credits: Art direction: Comence, Font design and production: Comence, TypeType Foundry, Specimen design: Comence, Print production: Typografiya, Photography & video: Daniil Zherdev, Motion design: Vladislav Usatyuk.

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