Antique Legacy

by Optimo

The essence of perception and the influence of time and place are evident in the evolution of typeface design, from Walter Käch's letterform synthesis in the late 1940s to Max Miedinger's balanced Helvetica in the mid-1950s. This organic and rational image of letters, characterized by a strong connection between positive and negative spaces, became the cornerstone of Swiss graphic design, inspiring a global model in the latter half of the 20th century.

Now, more than sixty years later and amid numerous font variations, François Rappo brings back this typographic heritage with Antique Legacy, a remarkable typeface project. Rappo showcases his mastery of the grotesque genre through this outstanding endeavor. Antique Legacy not only delivers remarkably uniform text surfaces and high-quality letterforms but also revitalizes the distinct identity of Swiss typographic modernism. It serves as a powerful tool that will delight your retina with sheer brilliance, reclaiming the essence of Swiss style in contemporary typography.



François Rappo



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