Apostrophe Reps


We have had the privilege of working in this project closely with the Apostrophe Reps team since 2021.

Our primary objective has been to conceive and execute a new elevated logotype, brand identity and a visual look that feels iconic, memorable, lively and dynamic.

The sharp, geometric, and sans-serif letterforms derived from the Lay Grotesk font family, designed by Massimiliano Vitti, have been instrumental in imbuing the logo that is uniquely identifiable and helps to distinguish the brand. The wordmark pays homage to the previous visual identity, serving as a bridge that honors the most recognizable aspect of the brand while effectively conveying its role in the representation business.

In our approach to color, we aimed to unify the entire visual structure through a solid and optimistic color palette. These colors are thoughtfully juxtaposed to enhance communication and legibility. The vibrant color palette is inspired by the warm, fun, and playful tones prevalent in the imagery of Apostrophe's representatives.

The bolder brand identity introduces an element of playfulness and accurately reflects the contemporary essence of the company. This transformation provides the brand with a clean and editorial feel, celebrating the possibilities that emerge when unexpected combinations of ideas, colors, typography, art and photography intersect—much like the eclectic and diverse group of representatives at Apostrophe.


U.I.WD. Team: Bruno Tatsumi, Mariana Torres, Alexandre Ruda, Alexandre Ribeiro and Bruno Cesar

Apostrophe Team: Kelly Montez, Darnell Scott, Ashley Mungo and Mia Penaloza

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