Hector Albertazzi


Hector Albertazzi is a Brazilian accessories brand for both modern man and woman. They approached UIWD with the request to create a sleek and modern visual identity while retaining their fashion and beauty essence.

UIWD's goal was to rebrand the company and develop a new look and feel across all touchpoints. The studio aimed to bring impact, elegance, and simplicity through contemporary branding and fashion language, designing a range of materials including brand guidelines, packaging, shopping bags, store signage, collaterals, catalogues showcasing their collection, and a new e-commerce site (coming soon).

The visual identity design celebrates the impact of Hector Albertazzi's innovative products, aligning with their iconic images. The wordmark enables flexibility and versatility for a broad range of applications while allowing for playfulness.

Brand Typeface: Marlin Sans by Michael Hagemann.

UIWD Team: Bruno Tatsumi, Mariana Torres, Kessia Riany, Alexandre Ruda, Laura Van Der Hagen Siuffo, Alexandre Ribeiro.

Hector Albertazzi Team Creative Direction: Marcelo Albertazzi. Photography: Gui Paganini, Layla Motta and Hick Duarte. Fashion Edition: Renata Correa. Beauty: Dindi Hojah. Marketing: Thiago Dualibi.

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