Estudio Gustavo Utrabo


Estudio Gustavo Utrabo is a Brazilian architecture office based in São Paulo, Brazil and Chicago, U.S.A., founded by Gustavo Utrabo. His work has been awarded numerous international prizes and was published in the Spanish Architecture magazine, El Croquis monographs.

Besides his architecture practice he's also a visiting professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture, Chicago.

Gustavo asked us to recreate his brand, visual identity, print collateral, online presence and portfolio decks with a timeless showcase of his work to date. Speaking with Mr. Utrabo, we’ve noticed an intimate and different creative process compared to regular architecture practices. His method to envision the best solution to a project experiments and explores varied art disciplines such as photography, painting and sculpting to conceptualize an idea.

The rebrand was inspired by his creative journey highlighting his art and documents, incorporating them to their communication and identity like an art gallery. The graphic designs act in a supporting role to his photography, artworks, 3D renderings and projects. The grid is modular, working with little points to orient the distribution of information and alignment to keep the balance between type and image. We've defined the color palette through the printed materials and physical elements he already has in his studio: black, white, off-white and little touches of blue.

The typography for the logo is the sans-serif typeface Whyte Inktrap, which through its subtle and curved forms brings an architectural dimension to it. As a complement, the semi-rounded typeface Documan was used to contrast mainly with the logo and to support the name of the projects.

Graphic Design: Bruno Tatsumi, Alexandre Ruda, Thalia Carolina. Web Development: Bruno Ishii.

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